Hispanic Institute Denounces Calling-Card Companies at Vegas Conference

LAS VEGAS (Sept. 14, 2007) - The Hispanic Institute is holding a press conference this Wednesday to denounce fraud in the prepaid calling-card industry. Many calling-card companies are currently in town for their industry conference, the Intele-CardExpo (www.intelecardexpo.com). Hispanic Institute president Gus West will explain to the Vegas media how these companies are perpetrating rampant fraud on consumers.

"I'm in Las Vegas to protest this gathering of fraudulent calling-card companies," said West. "The calling-card executives here this week for the Intele-CardExpo should really be explaining why they're systematically defrauding consumers, particularly Hispanics."

According to West, many calling-card firms employ scams that involve deceptive advertising, publicizing a certain number of minutes but delivering far fewer. West says that Hispanics, who are often low-income immigrants, are hit particularly hard.

"Our studies reveal that the average calling card delivers only 60% of the minutes promised," West explains. "Hispanics alone lose up to a million dollars a day because of fraudulent phone cards."

Prepaid phone cards have grown into a $4 billion industry, responsible for 11 billion calls in 2004.

"Calling-card fraud is quickly becoming a national issue. The companies meeting in Las Vegas this week should know that consumers will not stand for their dishonest activity," West said.

The conference is open to all members of the press. Journalists who wish to interview Gus West should contact his DC press office at 202-471-4250.

Details on the Press Conference

Gus West, President of the Hispanic Institute, will address the media on Wednesday, Sept. 19, for approximately 30 minutes, at 10:30 AM at the Rafael Rivera Community Center at 2900 Stewart Ave, Las Vegas, NV. Tel: (702) 229-4600.

About The Hispanic Institute

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